Hello, my name is Big girl Jackie. I am a Libra, born, raised and lives in my beautiful motherland Kenya. My hobbies and interest include reading, watching movies, dancing, singing and spending my time being creative. I also love exploring interesting ideas on the internet and in physical life too. I am a student, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a social Introvert.

welcome to my blog🎈

About this blog

I regard myself as interesting, friendly, solivagant, a perceiver and a wonderer. Through this blog, I want to write and share everything that reflects in my beautiful mind, hoping it reaches you with love so you can learn from me and I from you.

The Social Introvert Blog has 7 categories to read from. The content of the categories revolve around lifestyle, education and entertainment. There are also collections of motivational and inspirational quotes in Inspire streets that you may love. Below here is a list of categories inside the Social Introvert Blog…

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